Sanford McFarlane’s Funeral Service

Today was Sanford’s funeral.  What a mixed emotion day.  Here we are greiving about the loss of Sanford whose hole that he left behind can never be filled, but as one can expect from Sanford and his family, this was a great celebration of his life.

We were at the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church which I was told holds over 1,000 people on the main level and it was at least 2/3 full.  That’s a lot of people who cared for him.  The people who spoke at the service were amazing and did a great job of reflecting on the things that most embodied Sanford.

But the real awakener was at the gathering afterwards and talking to, sharing and listening to stories and seeing everyone there to support the family but also to talk about Sanford.  The stories were amazing and everyone had at least one.

He was unique to us all and will be missed.

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