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Jim and I have been following David’s blog and podcasts and really been enjoying this, especially in light of the work we have been doing to internalize Robert Schaffer‘s Rapid Results approach. 

This post just jumped right off the page when I read it – Passion, People and Principles.  Could there be some P’s that are like the marketing 5 or 7 P’s but for organizational change.  In sales training it is often said that people buy based on emotion and validate through their own logic.  Jim often refers to cognitive dissonance and I whole heartedly agree.  In David’s Post he adds this from some sub references:

“try to reframe big decisions as small ones – to fool yourself and
others into believing that what seems big is really small!” If the
decision seems less critical, logic and reason have a better chance of
influencing the outcome.

This is based on the premise that large decisions are the less they are made in rational manners and that by reducing the decisions to smaller ones they are more reasonably followed.  I would suggest reading his post for more information.

The challenge in life and business is that we don’t all think alike.  Take me I like to think I am process, structure and objectivity.  But, I am often less logical and more emotional on decisions.  I have also often found people frustrated that while working with clients you really need to be aware on both logical and emotional levels to drive an understanding of how people feel.  I find a strong affinity and applicability in how you apply Rapid Results in breaking down large business challenges very similar to the approach that David talks about in decision making.

PS – I suggest you read and listen to David, he has a nice approach,writting style and ability to connect with his audience.

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