Nay Sayers

This week after a long day I had the TV on and was watching a program about the movie industry where they were talking about success and failure.  I was really impressed by the interviews and dialogue.  It was to bad it was so late as I would probably remember more, but a big thing came to my attention around the nay sayers in Hollywood.

I was thinking hey that happens within other industries, what can we learn?  There was a quick piece about Titanic and how as the movie was being filmed everyone was poo-pooing it and saying aweful things about a tremendous flop and extremely high cost.  Of course what was going on was secret and the people would say to themselves, wait until you see what I have seen.  In this case ultimately the public decided and also won.

They overcame.  There were also stories where the nay saying helped people rise up to "show them" as it were.

The biggest thing I realized is that often the deliverable (the film) may not be entirely thought out as they go through the journey but they trust the process and the people involved.  Hard to think eh.  Could you imagine the funders of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy?  Here is an amazing book series of infinite pages trying to be brought down to three movies and on top of that they filmed them all back to back.  Or with Titanic, we all know the story and the outcome, how do they make it real and compeling.

I found it inspiring to think about this creative process the people and the expirements and lessons they must learn along the way.  Heck, George Lucas created a whole supporting company along the way to support Star Wars special effect.

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