Jim’s Saying # 5 – What have you learned lately

I believe life is a journey, not a destination. We must always keep learning new things.  I think we all need to look at our journey periodically and check what new things we have learned recently. 

I recall reading that people who have recovered from near death experiences often realized that learning new things and gaining wisdom were really important to them.

I guess in the techonlogy business that is not much of a problem cause the field is changing so fast.  However there are other aspects of our life where we can learn also learn.  Adler said that the world presents us with five life tasks:

  • contribution or work task,
  • love or intimate relationship,
  • relationship with family and friends,
  • achieving your self ideal,
  • spritual task or relationship with the universe. 

Learning in all these areas leads to balance in our mental development.   Look at each area and ask yourself "what have I learned in these areas in the last year?" 

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