CoffeeCAST – #22 – Rapid Results and Senge Discussion

Welcome to the 22nd CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward
of Project X.  We come upon a new week with lots of folks on holidays.  This morning our Senge group met to talk about Robert Schaffer’s book Rapid Results (see book on left).

After the conversation, Jim and I grabbed a few minutes to talk about a couple of specific observations we had that touched on:

  • The destinction between the words “Deliverable” and “Result”
  • Team Effort (internal and external)
  • Building internal capacity
  • A couple of examples:
    • Customer Relationship Management – CRM
    • Enterprise Data Warehousing – EDW
  • We got cut off at the end, but a good chat.

Download cc_22_rapid_results_senge_1.mp3

So I hope you have a nice coffee in your hand as I had a lovely dopio espresso long.  Listen we hope you enjoy
and more importantly, hope you join in the conversation.  So drop a
comment in the blog or send me an email and share your thoughts on the

The Podcast is available on iTunes or here for download.  Have a great day and join the conversation.

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