Whar Colour is Your Sandbox

Over the past I have mentioned Thomas my son (3yrs old) who asks questions and has often made me step back and re-think how we approach life and what we lose as we grow older.  I spent the weekend (5+ hours a day) on the beach in the sand with him so had sand on my mind. 

So as over the past couple of weeks I have been working to replace a horn on my boat and needed to buy some bolts.  To help with this I ended up going to Home Depot to buy two different lengths of bolts and a little screw driver for Tom. Each time after we had spent 5 minutes looking at the lawn mowers and rider mowers (he is obsessed with lawn care) we would go and get our bolts. The first trip he even picked out four bolts for his workbench at home. But on the way out we passed a sandbox demo with multi-coloured sand. It took all my abilities to keep him out of there.  So once again, sand was on my mind.

So what do I read this morning, but a post by Bob Zurek – Pink, Purple, Blue, Red Sand In the Sandbox? Why Not?  In his post he talks about his trip to Disney and the Imagineering folks.  I wont go into the complete detail of his post, but in it he quotes some of the Disney folks and how they challenged everything to get the impossible done.

This really hit home and brought together my stories about Thomas and his questions and innovation.  When we are young we do not know what is or isn’t possible nor even the boundaries.  This leaves us open to all the possibilities and is a gift.  We need to be able to bring this to our daily lives.  Just think of the things we could do and the "Ya But’s" we could hunt.

PS – in a related topic MIP did a great post on innovation

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