The Presence Process & Law of Attraction

I have been using The Presence Process for some time now and have found the process really helpful.  Some time ago I went to a presentation at the Association of Management Consultants of Ontario by Michael Losier on the Law of Attraction, a book he has written.  Recently I realized there is some synergy between the two ideas.  I am going to explore these further. 

Brown’s concept in the Presence Process is that things that upset us are really "set ups".  These things are messengers asking us to wake up and realize they are giving us a message about how we percieve the world.  We can learn from these messengers if we stop reacting and instead getting the message, and responding. 

Losier’s concept on this event is that we get back what we send out.  In other words, if you think of the things that are happening to you that you do not like, those are the things you are putting out there and they come back to you based on the law of attraction.   

For example if somebody does something that really makes you mad.  Brown says they are the messenger and the message is that it is likely evoking some reaction based on our belief about how the world should be.  We then react likely like a child, get angry and lash out.  If we can be present to the situation and realize it is not the messenger that is causing us a problem but our beliefs we might respond more appropriately.

Losier says, I think, we are doing the same thing to others that the person did to us and our action is attracting that action from another person.  What we put out there, we get back.  The concept is very disarming but has a ring of validity.  I have not pursued the parellel between these ideas but intend to. 

I am interested in hearing form anybody who has experience with these two ideas or thoughts on them.

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