Ipedo XIP 4.2 – Beta

I was pleased to hear that Ipedo XIP 4.2 which is scheduled for release in July is going to be available for Beta testing.

Why do you ask?  Well, in working to understand how data will live in the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) world, one of the interesting items I talked with Tim Matthews about in my second Coffee Conversation was how Enterprise Information Integration (EII) tools can help address and simplify this answer.

There is a great post Phil Waineright on how "EII helps BI adapt to SOA".  This is a great read and shows how both centralized and federated data can take advantage of this layer of integration to get the data into the hands of the user, whether a Business Intelligence tool or application.

This becomes even more interesting as we move towards SOA and the demands that this puts on our data access.  As sadly, the organization of data is often lost as it is very much like plumbing or house wiring – it is the shower, light that are the value to the customer.  So let’s get the electricity to the wall or data into the hands of the customer (who by the way is changing how they consume our data).

So we look forward to being a beta tester to put this through some tests to see what they have added, how it will play out in both Federated and Centralized models.

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