CoffeeCAST – #16 – Business Program Management

Welcome to the 16th Episode of the CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X.

Today I welcome Kim a Program Manager at a large Financial Services organization.  Kim came from the IT ranks and then moved onto the business side where whe is running a fairly significant program.  Today we will take a business view of Program and Project Management as a personal take by Kim.

In today’s episode we talk about the following:

  • Translation of Strategy to Business Objectives
  • What is success
  • Large Project cycles vs Rapid Results approaches – Cultural Impact
  • Portfolio Management Approach
    • in 5 years what do we want
    • Tactical Strategies broken into 1, 2, 3 tactics that can be broken into sub-projects
  • Marketing and the good job they are doing with what they have
  • Six Sigma
  • and lastly a bit on Project Management

Download cc_16_program_management.mp3

I hope you enjoy the conversation and decide to join in.  Offer up a comment and let us know your thoughts.

The Podcast is available here or also on iTunes for download or subscription.  Have a great day.

  1. Jim Reply

    My first impression from the conversation is the IT attitude is often “If we build it they will come.” Is datawarehousing like that? That really is a big word.
    Line management is really all about change, I think. I think Kim is right on. We can have the neatest solution to some problem and if people fear the change it will fail. The real key is to find the key people who are ready to change. Finding impatient people is part of the key.
    Kim really understands the problem and had some neat insights. I am really impressed.

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