Presence Process & Perceptions

I am finding the process is changing my perception of people.  If while I am observing someone or listening to them I do some continuous connected breathing, my perception of the person changes.  I am amazed.  I seem to be able to get beyond the superficial exterior and see the "real’ person.  I do not understand it but is is very fascinating.

I have now gone thru the process three times and am continuing to do the breathing exercise twice a day.  It is very similar to meditating.  I notice my mood is changing very subtlety.

I have very aware now of my negative emotional charge which surfaces often.  I am successful in neutralizing the change frequently but not always.  I am certainly aware that I really believe that things SHOULD be fair.  I would like to change my belief so I can accept things the way they are and say to myself, “It would be better if things were fair”. 

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