Harvey Saying #13 – Be The Best That You Can Be

At Harvey’s funeral, one of his sons reminded me of one of Harvey’s saying. Apparently one of his son’s had chosen classical music as career choice and Harvey was concerned about how difficult a choice it was and not very practical. However in discussion he realized how much his son really wanted to do this. So Harvey offered his support and said “Be the best that you can be.” What an interesting approach. I recall Harvey always saying, “Don’t settle for second best.” 

Think of all the times we settled for second best.  I can think of many that I regret. 

  1. Stephen Reply

    These are very true words Jim and also very tell-tale about Harvey’s view on embracing and achieving.
    The challenge is to maintain the passion for excellence in yourself and not for that of what people view you as. That is part of that true ability of excellence and indepence of action.
    It’s funny how similar this quote is and Graham’s post from today about Excellence and never settling.

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