Time Management

The key ingredient we all have is time.  Everybody would like more time.  However we were all given twenty-four hours in every day.  No more, no less.  It really is key how we use the time.

As consultants our key revenue generator is our time.  How we use our time determines how valuable is our service to our client.  Several years ago Harvey read a book on time management that he thought was excellent and suggested I read it.  I read it and thought it was so good I bought copies for everybody in the firm.  I would guess we were about thirty at the time including support staff.    It was "How to Get Control Of Your Life and Your Time."  Later Harvey and I develop a workshop for our people that ran from 5 to 7 PM on time management based on the book and Covey’s Seven  Habits.      

The initial key to time management is deciding what are your highest priority goals.  Then you know where you should be spending your time, in other words what is important.   Setting goals sounds like a big job, but the book describes a procedure that takes about forty-five minutes.  You end up with A, B and C priorities.  I recommend the process. 

The next step is to make to-do lists and prioritize your items based on you goals.  Again you give the items on your list the same A, B, and C priorities. 

Another big tip was to decide what time of day you are most productive and set aside that time to do your A priority items.   Many people have a best time of day to do solitary work and other times to involve others.  When you are doing solitary work, to be most productive avoid all interruptions.

There are also some really good suggestions for procrastination.  More on that later.

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