Breakthrough Approach – Getting Input

Often people want and know what kind of improvements are needed to improve a part of the operation.  By creating teams with the authority to make changes, amazing results can be achieved.  Why don’t we listen to the people who do the work?  Often we are too busy trying to solve the problem ourselves to just listen.   I expect we think being in charge we know better or should.  For example, we all are trying to improve our customer service.   Do we ask the people who deliver the service or receive the service how we can do better?    

We are have all kinds of opportunity to create breakthroughs.  How about in your personnel life?  Do you know how you could improve the quality of your relationships?  Have you asked?  Look for breakthroughs. 

OK.  Now think about your day?  How can you use your time better?   Do you distinquish between important and urgent activities.  Create a little grid, unimportant, important on one axis, non-urgent and urgent on the other.  Look at your activities yesterday and put them in the grid.  Working on important items pay off in the long term.  More on time management later.

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