Passion – The Koolaid Point

I ran across a great post courtesy of Guy Kawasaki that I absolutely loved.  The blog that Guy referred to is called Creating Passionate Users.  In a post she talks about The Physics of Passion.  It reminded me of Graham and the tattoo he has and proudly shows of his Orange Database (Teradata). 

Ok no Graham does not have a tattoo.  But he often quick to mention his love of the Teradata platform.  The funny thing was that I bet his love affair followed the exact curve from the post by Kathy Sierra.

A must read post.

She even ended with a great Golf koolaid accuser.

  1. Graham Boundy Reply

    Does Koolaid make a “Passion” fruit flavour?
    …Great for off-site meetings and team building events…!

  2. jason zaman Reply

    i love your drink

  3. Jim Reply

    I checked out that site and it is interesting. Harvey always said to be successful at something you need to be passionate about it. I think sometimes he said fanatical. Now I expect it is not sufficient but he meant the passion is necessary. Now I know that blog was about the passionate user. However believing in your product, company or service is key ingredient. I recall a model in the Fifth Discipline about creative tension that exist between reality and vision. I think people who are passionate have a great tolerance for creative tension. The image he used was two hands trying to pull an elastic band apart. One hand was vision, the other reality. The tension in the band he called “creative tension”.
    So to be passionate about something you must have a high tolerance for creative tension and a dream.

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