Keys to Success in Business Intelligence

So are these pieces on Business Intelligence of interest from the Think Big Data Warehouse conference.  I am going o continue on my thoughts from Claudia Imhoff.  In this post I am going to talk about some of the identified keys to success.  Claudia listed the following in her presentation (remember this in context of an environment not technology):

  • Approachable (ease of use, creation, learning and low total cost of ownership)
  • Personalized data for it’s use from a solid foundation leveraging common corporate vocabulary (what does churn mean? what are earnings?)
  • Analytic and Dynamic – no longer static reports, people need to slice through information, to drill down to the business problem as well as audit data in the process
  • Web enabled – anywhere anytime information on demand.  We all are mobile workers or global enterprises and need to gain access outside the corporate walls.
  • Immediate access to relevant data
    • ability to find, access and understand
    • structured and unstructured together
  • Information Portal – dashboard in business terms

All this is to say that we are in a real time anywhere anytime information and analysis at our fingers.  Whether this is a PDA, Agent terminal, Call Centre, Shipping, CXO – close the process loop with actionable intelligence.

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