Senge Circle is it 20 Years Old

In our meeting yesterday as Jim and Colin the last of the original members were talking about the group, one of them mentioned that they have been meeting since the early 80’s.  Wow.  It certainly is a stimulating group with lots of different ideas.

  1. Jim Reply

    The amazing thing is the stimulating discussion we have about ideas. We have discussed so many great books and the discussion really helps one consolidate the ideas.
    However The Fifth Discipline stills stands very high on the list. I really love is list of learning disabilities of organizations. I must talk about those in the blog sometime.
    Then “The Machine That Changed The World” was another awesome book. Can you guess what that machine was?
    “Built to Last” also really impressed us all. All the companies identified are still around even in this volatile world of mega mergers.
    To set the record straight, we have only been meeting since the late 80’s. Not bad for a group where there is no marketing, selling or payoff except personal development.

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