CoffeeCAST – #12 – Open Discussion

Welcome to the 12th Episode of Coffee Conversations (now to be called CoffeeCAST) with Stephen Hayward of Project X.

This week we are podcasting from the Starbucks at Bayview with Michael Ianni-Palarchio (MIP) where we decided to have a spontaneous CoffeeCAST on a variety of subjects.  We kicked it off, and covered the following:

  1. Spicing up a Board Meeting presentation with Video (iMovie and FinalCut)
  2. Blogging technology we had hope for – blurb
  3. Our blog conversation on Aligning IT
  4. The gambit of Data Warehousing
    – Data Warehouse
    – Enterprise Data Warehouse
    – Active Data Warehouse
    – Xtreme Data Warehouse
    – Information as a Service (heard the term in an IBM presentation) and is closely resembles our Data ASP model.

Please enjoy, feel free to comment and have a great day!

Download cc_12_coffeecast_with_mip.mp3

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  1. Jim Reply

    I would like to congratulate on mentioning the meaning of you three letter short forms frequently. I noticed it and it really helped. That was certainly a meaty conversation. Amazing how the business of data access is developing. Keep trying to keep it simple for us, simple guys.

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