Software Metaphor

Suit I was doing some of my research reading and saw that Dan Foody over at Actional had written in the SOA Zone again.

I love reading this guy he is so practical.  So what does he do.  He comes up for a great metaphor for Software Development – IT and Armani: A match made in heaven?.  This is a great read.  He postulates that as with clothing that needs to be altered when purchased software needs to be integrated when purchased.

Like in the fashion shows, the designers talk and show many things that will not make it to the racks, but get the ideas flowing in the minds of the customers, much like emerging technology ideas do. 

The other idea I thought of was bespoke tailoring which is completely custom made.  Most people want the bespoke and couture (maybe not us men as much), but the designs that we see help drive our decisions.  My only add or change is his decision that no-one wants couture or even more pertinent bespoke. 

There are consumers in the clothing and IT industry that choose custom as their mode of operation.  This does not mean the metaphor is wrong, I think he nails it.

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