Readiness Factors – Management Demands

A key factor in determining readiness of a person to change is the demands that management place on the person.  If the expectations of management are not clear or unfocused the readiness will likely be low.  An example is if a person in the accounting department is expected to adopt a new system while continuing to produce the monthly results.  The conflicting priority can only be resolved by the persons manager.  If the response is "Do the best you can."  The readiness to work on the new system will be low because clearly the production of the monthly results is more immediately visible.  One interesting factor in demanding results is that the higher on rises in the structure most often the weaker the demands. 

In most IT projects the people responsible for using the new system have the day to day job as well.  Management must help resolve this conflict to increase the readiness of people to adopt the new system.

These conflicting priorities are difficult to resolve because realistically most of us have many different tasks.  If we have a choice we will go with the safe and famililiar rather than the new.  Fear of the unknown must be balanced by management support.

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