CoffeeCAST – #10 – Project Management 2

Coffeecup_10Welcome to the 10th Episode of Coffee Conversations with Stephen Hayward of Project X.

Join me in welcoming for the first time Mike Lemmon a Sr Project Manager, who is here to join me in a brief discussion on Project Management and more specifically some of the things you need to do as Project Manager under the pressures of cost and time contraction.

In today’s episode we will discuss:

  • Speed to Market – mention our good friend MIP (so a quick shout out to you).
  • Virtual teams – as well as a tool that we use when dealing with virtual and global teams called Groove.
  • and some other great points.

Please enjoy, feel free to comment and have a great day!

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  1. mip Reply

    Great CoffeeCast. Nice to hear Mike talking about Project Management. Made me think back to that work we’d done on the “major telco” project [thanks for the kind words by the way, but working through the night is a requirement isn’t it? ;-)] You mentioning that project and then talking about Groove made me think of how powerful a tool that would have been to use back then. It would have tied together our team, the client and the resources being used offshore – all in a virtual space.
    I really liked the insight Mike gave in this podcast around his virtual war-room – great food (coffee) for thought.

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