More on Presence Process

I am now almost finished my second time thru the Presence Process.  Recently somebody asked me what the most profound insight was for me in the Process.  I think the insight that I carry around this huge negative emotional charge which manifests itself in these dramas. 

Let me give you an example.  Recently I was returning to my condo and found somebody was blocking my parking space.  I got really annoyed and honked my horn really loudly.  As I waited for the person to return I got madder and madder.  According to the process, this event was a messenger that was sending me a message about an unresolved inner child issue.  On reflection, I then need to get the message being sent.  My guess that the message is that I believe that life should be fair on my terms and this event was not fair.  In other words, I was not getting my way and that is really unjust.  Then my inner child had a temper tantrum.  The next step in the process is to thank the messenger and reassure my inner child that it is loved even though everything does not always go its way.  Life is neither fair nor unfair, life just is.  Reassuring my inner child with compassion is the final step.  This will in the long run help me reduce the negative emotional charge and these foolish dramas. 

Already I can see I am changing and can see these dramas happening.  I cannot always watch them and laugh but I am getting there.  The process of reducing my negative emotional charge and continuous conscious breathing are two profound elements in the presence process.

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