Disruptive Innovation – A Big Battle

As we all now know with all the hype about the new Apple Mac’s allowing users to run Windows operating system, there is some real heat out there.

MIP has done a great job in covering the technical side of things and so I will not even weigh in here on this.  The part that facinates me is the real disruptive nature of this innovation and how it is creating some great dialogue amongst so many diverse stakeholders.

The way that Apple approaches disruptive innovation is facinating.  From the Apple Lisa, to the Macs, iPOD, Software Apps and now the new generation of personal systems is amazing.  Now they have timed the latest announcement, just after someone had successfully done it themselves and on the heals of a Vista delay.  As we have learned over and over again, the best product does not always win (Beta vs VHS).  So Apple’s ability to quickly play into a vacuum and then come up with a credible migration strategy has thrown a monkey wrench into an already difficult marketplace – true disruption.

Good on yeah mate and keep it up.

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