Harvey Saying #6 – Editing and Proofreading

Hgellman_5 Harvey believed that every document we produced must error free and high quality.  In the days of the typewriter, that was no mean feat.  We did not even have snowpake on our letters or published reports.  To get the firm to get to that level and when you asked for two editors, to leave your ego at the door, was really a challenge.  For us we fervently believed in this concept.   We achieve something really special.  When I attempted to introduce this to other firms, i first realized what he had inculcated in all of us.  It was a standard procedure that nobody questioned.  His point was that the only visible thing the remains when we leave the client was our documents.  Thus it was evidence of the quality of our work.  I will mention later other things we learned about our reports.

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