Data Warehousing Alternatives on Ownership

Over the past 6 months, Project X has been involved in evaluating and setting benchmarks on alternatives to implementing Enterprise Data Warehousing.  In every case that we have been involved, the classic outsourcing and technology influenced have been available and impacted the direction that our clients ultimately chose.

In this post I want to introduce for discussion the alternatives to sourcing the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).  First in this example we are meaning a true cross segment, central store of historic data which includes the extracting and loading of data into the EDW:

  1. In house (most common)
    This is the most common model we have seen and also think in Fortune 100 companies very viable as long as they have enough volume of work to keep the variety of skill sets busy and of value.
  2. Outsource – little o
    In this case the technology stays owned by the client, but the people are outsourced.  A good alternative if a company needs to keep the data at their facility, but need a shared services model for the people.
  3. Outsource – big O
    Both technology and people are outsourced, but largely it is the clients system, this is usually a financial decision where they need to regain the capital expense, or the cost of the capital is to intensive.
  4. ASP
    For smaller organizations that could not on their own afford the proper infrastructure to do datawarehousing on their own properly.

I know,these are pretty highlevel thoughts and are fairly apple pie.  But over the week I will drill down further on each one and then end with a summary of where we think each are applicable without actual customer context.

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