Harvey Saying #5 – Respect

One of the things that was special about Harvey was his respect for everybody no matter what their role.  He believe that everybody had a special role.  He felt very passionately about this and my first experience with this was with the support staff.  He watched very carefully how people treated support staff and demanded they be treated with respect.  I am sure all the support staff at Gellman Hayward felt very important and special.  He also demonstated this with the maintenance staff in theoffice building.  They had such a positive feeling for him they came to his retirement party in the office.  He also knew about all our children and my children all remember Harvey.  This thing is most interesting because Harvey was not a warm and demonstative person.  However there was no question he was quite fanatical about everyone deserving respect.  A great lesson for us all.

  1. Stephen Hayward Reply

    Another indication of Harvey and his respect and involvement, was that those who often found themselves in the office early (which I was often having car-pooled with Jim) would innevitably find themselves getting coffee and Harvey would be talking with everyone and leading the way on emptying the dishwasher.

  2. Stephen Hayward Reply

    I was lucky enough to witness this in action and it had a very large impact on me when Harvey having overheard a senior consultant at G+H who was speaking in a relatively inappropriate manner to a support staff person. Harvey overheard this and as the person walked away, Harvey pulled them to the side and stated as you said about the value chain and that he would have no issue letting go someone who treated people (anyone) in the company that innapropriately.

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