100th Post

Well, here we are.  We are at our 100th post. WOW.

Winston Churchill has been quoted as having said:

"… writing a book goes through five phases.  In phase one, it is a novelty or a toy.  But by phase five, it becomes a tyrant ruling your life."

This is what I was worried about when I started out on this journey. 

Since then I have read "Naked Conversations" by Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal and have found this process very valuable as they suggest. 

My perspective and goals were along the lines of creating a conversation with people that had similar interests (not opinions) as Project X does.  As we were starting Project X, people would often ask for case studies and white papers to help the prospective client know us better.  In discussing this with mip, I realized that these are often dead documents once written and there was an opportunity to leverage blogging to create conversations with many constituents on these same topics that clients wanted us to write about.

What I have learned along the way is that yes, the above is true, but the ability to learn and grow by expanding your circle into many people, of which are often smarter than me, your thinking evolves very quickly.  And I also hope that people are learning about what Project X thinks about and how we go about evolving our business.

As my last thought I would like to thank mip who suggested this medium and helped me through our growing pains and setting up our guiding principles.

So thank you everyone, please join the conversation and we will all evolve in our thinking.

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