Teradata and EII Living Together

It reminds me of a saying "Dogs and Cats living together … mass hysteria".  It seems that Claudia Imhoff has written an article proclaiming that there is a role.  I read this in Teradata Magazine, but Tim Matthews over at iPEDO did a great job in a post over on IT Toolbox (EII, the EDW and Teradata) of adding some other ideas along the idea of "leveraging as a prototyping tool for new EDW deployments".

I thought this was a good idea as both EII and Teradata leverage virtual views which lead well into each other and as Tim and I agreed in our conversation a while back – get the data into the hands of the user faster.

Another thing I thought I would add is that EII tools also add a layer of abstraction and ability to add to governance and SOA support, that I have not fully seen in Teradata as of yet.  This is not saying that it isn’t there, but it is not yet widely known.  I think we will soon see an important place for EII in the SOA and Governance realm as these become more prevelant.

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