Data and Software and Their Changing Role

I was catching up on some RSS reading this morning and came across a great article by Dion Hinchcliffe on his Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog called The growing primacy of data over software.

In his post it really captured some interesting points about how Web 2.0 and SOA are changing the way that consumers are looking to get access to data or services and the effect it has on the incumbents based on an interview between Bill Gates and Tim O’Reilly.

His first case discusses how some data intensive point solution providers may be dis-aggregated by the nimble Web 2.0 experience that collects and connects the user to the data through community based aspects of Web 2.0

The second is one that I am personally intrigued to see the evolution of the application with the new move to online applications like ajaxWrite and the impact these have on the larger aggregate organizations and their foray into this area.  Though the aggregates are not yet mainstream google seems to be moving quickly this way – see mip’s post on this.

The last point discussed is the Data storage the Killer app for the Web Platform.  This is about the race to amass data to be able to repurpose, sell or structure to create unique value. 

The part that I would like to add is how the underlying theme of data capture and data warehousing in general is often overlooked as a difficult but great opportunity to create the flexibilty to support the Web 2.0 community along with SOA.  One of the areas that Project X looks to do with clients is to create adaptive data warehouse infrastructure that supports enterprise and more agile Web 2.0/SOA services together.  Even to the point of creating an ASP enterprise data warehousing platform as an on demand pay per use industry best practices platform.

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