A New Methodolgy – AIM

One of the things consultants struggle with is how much one should be involved in the clients problems.  Should one simply collect data, analyse and report or should you get involve in making it happen?   In discussion with one of my partners who wanted to be actively involved and I supported his commitment to help the client "make it so", we came up with a methodology called "AIM", the active involvement methodology. 

One of the things I liked about the approach is that as a consultant you would be more careful on your recommendations if you were going to walk along with the client thru the process.  So many consultants do a diservice to their client by giving the projects way beyond their capability or resources to implement.  One thing about this fellow he sure was willing to see it thru to the bitter end.  I still have difficulty with the "slam, bam, thank you maam" consultant or the lone ranger consulting.  "Who was that mask man? "   They do magic and you admire how smart they are and you go back to work.  Much of the real potential for improvement is lost.

As we evolve at Project X, we look to embrace this model and live side by side with our clients as appropriate and support how strategies are moved into tactics and then are acted upon.

  1. Stephen Reply

    Jim, thanks for sharing this with us. We were in a brief discussion with a client today where we are implementing this methodology and it was nice to have this as a reference point. I would love to get Bruce B’s perspective and thoughts.

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