Readiness and Change

I would like to link readiness and IT projects and make some practical suggestions based on some client experiences at Project X and elsewhere.   Most IT projects involve significant change in an organization.  People and organizations only change when they are ready to.   So what creates readiness for change.  I would like to mention a few:

1.  The existing situation is completely untenable and we are desparate.  "Bottom of the barrel". 

2.  Your management is demanding you adopt the new approach.  Your job is on the line.

3.  You really believe this change is critical for you personally. 

4.  Peer pressure to adopt the new approach.  Everybody else supports the change.

Many people, who are being asked to adopt new systems, are given all kinds of reasons not to change.  Change is scary and clinging on to the old way is comfortable.  In addition to adopting a new system you must do the old job which was a full time job before.  The way to approach that problem is that the management sponsor, not the systems people, must give people no place to hide and cut off their avenues of escape.  Their job must depend on adopting the new way.  This approach is scary for the sponsor because she is hearing all the reasons why the new system will not work.   No system is perfect, not even the old one, but determination can make even a flawed system work. 

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