SOA Governance – a new World

The more Project X is involved in conversations in regards to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the more governance becomes important.  In the past we have talked about guiding principles and registries.

So as one would expect, IBM is preparing to jump into this in a big way.  Up to this point, I had not heard truely how IBM was going to handle this, but based on some rumblings out of PartnerWorld today it appears they are creating an online "SOA Business Central" set of services online that will include WebSphere Service Repository and Registry to attack head on the governance question and help with centralization.

This is great news for everyone:

  1. Centralization when possible is the right way
  2. Credibility across the marketplace for the emerging players who have a play here
  3. Innovation in how IBM is addressing the marketplace

As we have two clients who have IBM WebSphere as there Enterprise platform, this is great news for everyone.

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