Agile (a great diagram) and SOA

AgileI ran across this great image overviewing Agile development by Dion Hinchcliffe and thought I would share it as this methodology aligns very nicely with innovation, time-boxing and Project X thinks this will emerge as one of the standard SOA development methodologies and are working to explore how this will emerge.

Giving enterprise software practices an ‘angioplasty’
by ZDNet‘s
Dion Hinchcliffe — With all the recent coverage of Web 2.0 and the
enterprise, one of the things that isn’t discussed enough is the way
Web 2.0 is highlighting compelling alternatives to the usual ways of
producing software. One of the more recent write-ups in this vein was
Stephen Bryant’s Five Reasons Why Web 2.0 and Enterprises Don’t Mix.
Stephen’s points are generally right on and capture well the impedance
that many larger organizations encounter when they try to take
advantage of Web 2.0 ideas for themselves.

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