CoffeeCAST – #2 – Get the Customer the Data with IPEDO

This is the Second of Episode of Coffee Conversations with Stephen Hayward of Project X.

Today we will be talking with Tim Matthews, Co-Founder and VP Marketing from Ipedo in regards to:

  • Enterprise Information Integration – introduction and where it sits in the Enterprise Architecture
  • Data as a Service
  • How it can enhance and enrich Data Governance

So please enjoy, feel free to comment and have a great day!


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You can also go and visit Tim at his Blog


This is Tim by the way.

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  2. Project X Discussions Reply

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  3. Integration Insider Reply

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  4. mip Reply

    Another good Coffee Conversation Steve (which I enjoyed listening to over a good latte of my own!). I found the content really informative and Tim did a great job driving home the concept of how this all sits within the enterprise. Look forward to hearing next week’s coffeeCast.

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