Presence Process & Lent

After having finished the process once I am trying to decide when to start again.  I usually do something during lent an extra something positive so I decided that I would start the process again.  I have found the process quite amazing.  I find my perceptions are changing but I still have strong negative charge.  I have to remind myself of the stages of change.  When I are trying to change, it can happen I intend to change but when the opportunity arises, I do the same old thing.  I have a choice, I can say "I’ll never change!" or "that’s the first stage of change".  Later I anticipate the opportunity and plan to do it differently but still play the old script.  Again a choice, "Never change!" or "Second stage".  Next stage is I anticipate and actually do the new script most of the time.  I now am at the third stage and the percentage of the time will increase but who’s perfect.  The thing I must realize is that change is slow, and patience and persistence is important.  I have found that I really have become aware of these things that I put out there to teach me lessons.  I am listening to the messages and am ready to learn about Present Moment Awareness.  Stay tuned.

  1. Warren McCarthy Reply

    Greetings Jim,
    Congratulations on helping Stephen & Graham with this interesting site.
    Thanks for your series on ‘The Presence Process’. I will get the book now & give you my feedback. As support for you to keep plugging on the process, I give you a saying I like, but can’t currently give you the author.
    “The more I am present, the more present I am.” – sounds like ‘practice makes better’.
    Happy week. Warren

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