First Time Thru Presence Process

I have now completed the first time thru the Process and it is has been quite an experience.  I am still a babe in the process.  However I expect I will feel that way forever, as it is really a journey not a destination.   One of my big insights is that most of my perceptions are really reflections of my beliefs as opposed to what is happening outside me.  I often think things are not the way they should be.  One of my friends recently called the situation he was in "Bizarre".  For me I often react to these type of situations by thinking about how it "should" be.  (I think I am full of shoulds.)However the Presence process tells me the situation is what it is and treat it as a messenger.  So what is the message.  The message is personal and related to my phyical, mental and emotional develoment.  I often say to myself "it isn’t fair" and have a silent temper tantrum.  Then I react angrily or fearfully.  However if I can get to neutralize my negative emotional charge and see that the anger or fear is related to my beliefs and not this situation, which just is, then I can respond with love and caring.  That is a big step and one that is part of my journey. 

I am planning now to repeat the process and am not sure how to do that.  My plan is to take a week to integrate things and then start week one again.  I find each time I read a section I see it with new eyes and am clearly ready for some new fodder for the mill.


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