Starbucks and the Auto Show

So Thomas, Jen and I went to the auto show yesterday as the weather stopped us from going away for the weekend.

So I definitely took advantage of the opportunity and we all went down to the car show and met up with my sister and her husband.  On the way in my cunning plan, I stopped by a Starbucks and picked up a great coffee.  I know you say so what.

Well, while walking around, I saw someone I haven’t seen since University and we were talking and quickly catching up.  He made mention that I had a great coffee in my hand, and of course I went on to tell him about my love of the coffee and that I have even started a podcast which will be interviews I do at a local Starbucks.  But much to my amazement, he works for Starbucks – WOW.

I found it a fun time to catch up over a coffee – the premise of my upcoming podcasts, and this was a perfect example of it happening in real life.

So hi Dennis.

The image is Thomas and Mike having fun "driving" a car.

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