Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap

Roadmap – a plan or guide for something (Encarta)

As part of good EDW governace and stewardship, we should be helping the business drive (Top-Down) a roadmap for the EDW that drives business value.  By aligning the company’s goals and objectives to drive the evolution of the data strategy you allow us as a group to:

  • Work Together to understand and intelligently plan the implementation of our data warehouse strategy
    • What does the business want to know?
    • What business improvement opportunities are there that the EDW should support
    • What information can we derive through analysis to assist the business (where is it, do we have it)
    • What data is needed by that analysis
    • Driving us to determine what is the most important enterprise strategy
  • Capture, preferrably in a tool that allows for multiple views of this data and allows for easy maintenance and evolution.  One of my favorites is Casewise, but Teradata has been showing us a great multi-dimensional modeling tool that they have even gone and created some great Industry level templates.
  • Live and Socialize, make this part of your dna.  Project Managers have their work breakdown schedules, business people have their dashboards, this is the tool for the true Data professional to reconnect with the business and be able to show how you are really knitting things together.

Try it you will be surprised at how the business will embrace you and how through working together, we educate both sides on what drives our actions and activities.

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