Business Application of Present State Awareness

So what does all Presence Process mean for business person and the success of their business activity.  If there are things your business associates or your clients do that really annoy you and are getting in the way of your business relationshp, the Presence Process model may help you understand.  These reactions may not be as they appear.  They may be a reflection of some emotional baggage you have rather than some sinster motive of the other person.  The latter is most likely true if the your reaction is more emotional than logical.  "That guy just makes me really angry."  This could be more reaction of your inner child saying "That’s not fair!!!"  Being more in the present and understanding where the negative reaction came from might help you develop a more constuctive reaction to the situation.   The reaction is a message to you that you need to process and understand as it may be restricting your potential success.  Comments?

  1. Jim Reply

    A message that was posted on the another site is interesting:
    During a retreat last year in Ireland, Catherine Ingram was talking
    about the egoic mind and said, “I’m chained to a lunatic!” So, who
    would you rather deal with in business, the person who is chained to
    a lunatic and knows it, or a person chained to a lunatic and has no
    idea of the insanity that drives their business decisions and
    From my experience, my customers, associates, the people I report
    to, and the people that report to me, see – and note – a difference
    in how I relate to the business at hand. Let me give you a few
    If I see the lunatic in me rising, I will tend to get away from
    interaction with people until I can get a grip. If I’m on the phone
    and a serious issue has arisen and I can feel (usually in my body) a
    egoic response coming up, I’ll use whatever method necessary to get
    off the phone and get centered back in presence. I can later
    (usually in just minutes) get back to the issue and deal with the
    person or problem from who I really am, not from my lunatic’s
    While I have a strong profit motivation, I can approach making my
    profit from an ethical standpoint, not from the lunatic’s view of
    scarcity– get it now at any cost – this quarter is the most
    important quarter, etc.
    I can clearly see (sometimes) that upset or angry employees and
    customers are presenting me with their fears. If I see their
    reactions as fear instead of attack, I can assuage the fear instead
    of the natural egoic reaction of justification and counterattack.
    Most importantly for me, when I let the lunatic that I’m chained to
    have his way, I can clean it up faster. When I make a mistake (and
    I make them everyday), at some point I will come to my senses in
    presence and realize my mistake. I can go back to the person or
    situation in humility and make it right. People understand human
    (egoic) reactions because they make them themselves all the time,
    and they are usually more than willing to have something made whole
    The best part of presence is peace. My business used to drive me to
    the point of ill health, sleeplessness, irritability, anger, and
    incredible stress – this is no way to live life. I still experience
    a few of these symptoms in a superficial and transient way, but my
    business life is happier and far more peaceful.
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  2. Michael Brown Reply

    Most of the people I see one-on-one are business people, secretaries, accountants, marketing, and sales people, who then take these teachings into the corporate world in their personal one-on-one relationships. Life is all about relationships. Life is a relationship. However, business, per se, is all about profit, otherwise we would call it “barter”. If people are interested in relationships, specifically within the business arena, it is usually because they believe that by improving relationships within a company environment they will improve the business climate, and therefore make the company more profitable. People aren’t in business for relationships; they are in business for money, for accumulation. For any business person to say otherwise is to be inauthentic. I do not focus this work on business, just as I do not focus it on the healing field, or any specific field of activity. I focus it on people; not the description of their specific outer doings in the world. This way it is open to everyone, and whoever is exposed to it can then take the wisdom into whatever field of activity they find themselves.I’m happy if TPP brings authenticity into the corporate mentality. It is a field of activity on this planet that requires radical transformation.
    “Accumulation for the sake of accumulation” is a disease that breeds lack-mentality in an unlimited universe. But my word on this is not the last, for sure. It’s my limited opinion.

  3. Jim Reply

    A colleague was commenting on my explanation of the first part of the process was that business is all about relationships and really if by netralizing the negative emotional charge one can imorove relationship, it is a big win and extremely profitable for the invidivual. May be a little to cerebral for some.
    I certainly think that understanding the source of ones reaction to others in business and getting rid of all the negative stuff would really help people in business. The process is really amazing but not one that one can force, just trust the process.

  4. Michael Brown Reply

    My comment about business application of THE PRESENCE PROCESS:
    I have been approached before to use these tools in the corporate world. However, I have found that those who want to do so only want to increase profits, not raise awareness. One always profits from raising awareness, however, there is seldom room for awareness in confining ones intentions to an increase in profits.

  5. Jim Reply

    Michael, I tried to send you an email and it bounced back. Could you suggest a way I might contact you directly? I will not let your address be published on the Blog if you prefer.

  6. Jim Reply

    Somebody asked what has this process got to do with business and consulting. I remember many years ago I was an IT consultant and I was endeavouring to move my practice into more management consulting. I started studying psychology and one of my partners, a very techy consultant, asked me what does psychology have to do with consulting. I just laughed at the time.
    I think successful business relationships have more to do with interpersonal dynamics that anything else. Our intuition and reactions to people are really key to a successful business transaction. The fact that my reaction to a person may have more to do with me than the other person, and really is a message for me, certainly gets my attention.

  7. Michael Brown Reply

    Hey Jim,
    This is Michael, author of The Presence Process. Am enjoying your journal of the experience. Well done for entering it experientially.
    All the best on your journey. If there are any questions you have for me, please do not hesitate.
    Kindest regards,

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