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I was at a wedding over the holidays.  And while there I had a chance to catch up with a cousin who now lives in Amsterdam.

I was really impressed in how he turned an interest in a technology (in this case the palm pilot) into a thriving business.  From his main site Zorglub he says:

I discovered the Palm in 1997 and decided to buy one during a trip to California. It was a PalmPilot Professional. Well this little device hasnt left my sight since then!

I decided to start programming for the Palm in early 1998 and the first program to come out was WCup98. Not a very well refined program but the response was very good and this was good encouragement to continue. I’ve always believed that the best motivation to write a program is to write something that you need in the first place. And so, since I couldnt find any program that would allow me to keep track of my motorcycle’s gas mileage I set out to write the "best" gas mileage and Highway Manager was born. (Yes there were other gas mileage programs out there but they were even simpler than WCup98 🙂 ).

I think this is an awesome story.  It continues with his eccomerce site @

Tiny Stocks

And now he is getting into some interesting things around online video content…

Keep on going Chris

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