Third Week of Presence Process

I have now engaged in the process for three weeks and am finding it really facinating.  The meditations are simple and I am working on recognizing the messages and not reacting but responding. I am not there yet but I am certainly aware of things that are out of balance in my life.  I am very optimistic that I can get some things back in balance. 

The theory of unresolved emotional issues really is right on for me.  I have started to recall things from my childhood that really I have "suppressed"  One that really resonates is a phrase I used very often as a child.  "It’s not fair!"  I really felt that I was not treated fairly.  My brother was very dominating and teased me often.  I was quite small as a child and I recall being told often when I was not allowed to do something that "I was too small".   I hope this baggage will be brought back in balance by the process.  Apparently the theory is that these issues often do not get integrated into my mature process but surface in my reflections in the world as messages.  The message is that here is an issue you need to work on.  I will compassionately restore these into balance and hopefully stop projecting my unresolved issues on others.

  1. Jim Reply

    I am trying to get a contact email address. Check out this site

  2. Connie Gerber Reply

    Does Michael Brown have a website where he lists workshops/travels he is giving?
    Thank you

  3. jim Reply

    Four weeks into the process now and am making progress. Fifth week exercise has to do with connecting with my inner child. I think I understand unintegrated emotions. Clue is to be gentle and compassionate with oneself. Stay tuned.

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