IT Governance

A great catch all in the PMO office around structure, repatability and accountability.   So let’s talk about it as both the role and the process underlying the role.In support of this discussion, the best description I found on IT Governance is:

"the act, manner or function of governing." – Oxford Dictionary
Govern: "regulating the proceedings of a corporation" – Oxford Dictionary
Govern: “to control, direct, or strongly influence the actions and conduct of” – Merriam-Webster

"Assignment of decision rights & the accountability framework to encourage desirable behaviour in the use of IT" – Gartner

But the role is the tip of the iceberg, it is supported by people, structure and process.

People:  It is the people who ultimately make decisions and are held accountable for how IT investments are made.  So to do this right these key people need a supporting structure, process and empowerment to make this real.

Structure:  In this I mean organizational and people structures and tools that create the underlying communication, decision making system.  This will embody the following and leverage the identified underlying processes:

·         Reporting relationships

·         Governance Positions – roles and responsibilities

·         Committees

·         Councils

·         Working Groups

Process:  Part of the purpose of this exercise is to create repeatable and predictable mannerisms and guidelines for IT investment success.  To help everyone involved you need to have an underlying group of processes that enable the people in the structure to set the rules of ruling.  This is the most complex part of the game and needs to fit the corporate culture, style and support empowerment not dithering.

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