As some of you know, Graham and I have been working on a corporate metadata/artifact library solution.  We have based our current version on standard web architecture and leverage Data SOA to retrieve the artifacts.  In my effort to look at already built components to leverage I came across – Kazzoom.  Some interesting and relevent technical features are:

"it uncovers 400 to 500 times more information on the Internet than the commonly used World Wide Web engines. Its deep Web "Turbo Search Engine" provides access to over 50 billion Web pages. It reaches Web pages and databases other search engines and portals do not cover. KAZZOOM is adding an indexing feature that scales up to half a trillion URLs. It includes more of the "deep" or "invisible" Web, making it the largest, most powerful search engine yet created. This new search engine also features over 15,000 free advisors and counselors that answer questions users may have. This includes "Ask My Professor" and KAZZOOM University."

I am really interested in the Ask My Professor component as this leads itself to the idea of "Innovation Value Networks" (see Innovation Networks) and has some real applicability in the corporate organization for unstructured human intelligence.

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