In-Source / Out-Source

Over the past couple of decades many conversations, theories and more importantly practical implementations of sourcing for services have been going on.

Today there are a multitude of options available to organizations – off-shore, near-shore outsourcing, and now even more prevelant insourcing.

Many people paint a broad brush approach to these and forget about the most import thing. 
The end state value objective (ie. cost savings, recapitalization, structure, control).

From there we can work back and understand how to decide the best way to move forward.

  1. Thomas Reply

    I agree with you Jim, in a number of experiences and discussions with clients going through these engagements, it is hard to determine wether the dissatisfaction is due to communication issues, a level set of corporate expectations or just plain readiness.
    Lately, when there is dissatisfaction, I have been suggesting that before you change something. Stop and regroup. Then with a structured process of shaking the head.
    1. Clarify;
    2. Simplify; and
    3. Focus
    From there you can regroup, with renewed expectations and a new present state to determine next steps.
    This is often very difficult as there are many people with a stake in the status quo or a new vision of the to be state.
    That is why every situation is different.

  2. jimhayward Reply

    I have been involved in many different types of Outsourcing projects and always find a significant level of dissatisfaction. However before the outsourcing there was also dissatifaction. I wonder if the problem is the my expectations because the trend of outsourcing continues at a rapid pace. Comments?

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